Welcome to ChickenCoops.co.uk, a site launching soon dedicated to selling a wide range of chicken coops, chicken houses and chicken arks as well as accessories for keeping chickens.

It’s estimated that nearly 500,000 households in Britain will soon be keeping chickens and as avid chicken lovers ourselves we know why. As well as being a regular source of delicious fresh eggs, chickens are also surprisingly good pets and are usually very friendly making them a fantastic addition to any family home. They’re also quite easy to look after and apart from cleaning the chicken coop regularly and making sure they have a decent supply of fresh water and nutritious food, the effort required for their upkeep is surprisingly low.

Now obviously it’s not just a matter of buying some chickens and letting them loose in your garden, it’s a little more complicated than that. Chickens need a dry and warm hen house to live in to ensure they are happy and happy chickens mean great eggs! As well as their comfort, we also have to consider their safety as Mr Fox and other predators are never far away, whether you live in the countryside or in a town or city. Therefore it’s essential that you put some thought into what sort of chicken house and run is right for you and your little egg laying machines. If you make the right choice at this stage, you are almost guaranteed years of contented chickens and you can look forward to eating eggs that are fresher and healthier than any you can buy in a shop or supermarket.

We will be selling chicken houses which can accommodate as few as 3 chickens up to our much larger houses which can hold up to 50 birds. We’ll also be offering a wide range of chicken runs so that your chickens can enjoy the outdoors without the fear of attack from predators. As well as chicken coops for sale, we’ll also be selling a fantastic range of duck houses and goose houses and lots of different accessories such as feeders, nesting boxes and water dispensers. The site will also offer a comprehensive guide on keeping chickens which will be useful for both the amateur and more seasoned chicken keeper.